Yasheng Group (US)  

/13/ The website www.yashenggroup.com is referenced in the California Secretary of State and SEC documents and is intermittently
available because billion dollar corporations never host their own website and often neglect to pay their hosting providers.
If accessible, from the green navigation bar
/A/ the last press release was 2014 – about Angel Star which has long-since cratered
/B/ the latest news item is a some blather about carbon credits from 2013 and two paid pieces, one each from 2011 and 2010.
/C/ the company – the last financials posted are from 2014.
/D/ investor relations – the last entry is March 2014; the SEC links are for 2013
/E/ truth be told, I am not sure if Gerry Chilton is the legal council. Neither is he.
He's not been paid in years. Email: Jerry@chiltonlaw.com. Phone 520-689-9000
/F/ Products – Angel Star was canceled by the maker. Zero sales. I am not clear what the status of litigation against Yasheng Group is
/G/ US Projects – Angel Star is long dead; Plomosa was gutted and any empty holes (aka claims) were worthless. Never a shovel
moved. Montmorillonit (correct spelling is Montmorillonite) – reverted to the owner for non-payment by Yasheng Group.
If you find the 9,000 acres please contact me.
/14/ Meiping Wu has started quite a collection of companies in Colorado so it was hardly surprising that at least one new was
added there last month. Billion dollar companies never let a small matter like an FTB suspension in California get in the way of
another scam. The registered agent on the next page has done many many companies for Meiping Wu. Lists of known companies
by state available on request. Few of these are mentioned in 8-Ks or anywhere else on EDGAR. Fewer still made any money or
conducted any business. Among the Colorado entities – Hemp Bank (an LLC started in 2014 now delinquent); Hemp Route (revived)
and Silk Route Fund (an LLC started in 2015 now delinquent), Meissen International (dead but for its bank accounts); Empire Blockchain Corp (new in 2018); Art Bank (now delinquent); Yasheng Volco Mining (delinquent); Silk Road Fund (delinquent); Angel Star Biotech Enterprise Ltd (active); Yasheng Trading Group Ltd (delinquent). It is not easy understanding Pharma Consult and Strain ID Ltd. The Secretary of State for Colorado is investigating.


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