Yasheng Group (US)  

/4/ Turning to EDGAR, the online document depository for the United States Government Securities and Exchange Commission

Note the lack of current annual and quarterly reports – this is not characteristic of a billion dollar publicly traded corporation. Normally,

for a billion dollar corporation (such as Intel, for example) one expects to see for each year a promptly filed 10-K for the annual statement

and four promptly filed 10-Qs for the quarterly statements. Then there are filings of the SC series that describe significant changes in stock

ownership. 8-K documents are used to describe events of interest to shareholders and regulators. These include litigation, mergers and

changes in executives.

/5/ Yasheng Group never reported its large litigation losses (to Bullivant, Bailey and Houser) or significant legal settlement costs (to

Makovsky, Hall and Foreman ...) nor its aperiodic cash infusions from China. By most standards, 8-Ks would be also required to document

the eviction and the FTB suspension.

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