Yasheng Group (US)  

Note that the entry reflects the address that Yasheng Group was evicted from for non-payment of rent in October 2016

(sixteen months ago – not a typographical error – the total due was 16,417.94 per the notice posted by the landlord Harvard Investment

Corporation). A copy of the notice is available on request or one could contact Harvard Investment at (650) 365-4345 or

info@HarvardInvestment.com. Their offices are in Suite 200 of the building.

/2/ Two of the requirements for California corporations are that the address for the service of process be in California and that the

person so designated reside here. Perhaps Weihao Cui has moved to the United States recently and a great deal of effort and expense

mailing him material in China could have been spared. I have asked the support staff for the California Secretary of State's website,

and they know of no billion dollar corporations that allow a status of FTB (California Franchise Tax Board) suspended to occur, much

less persist for months. /3/ from the California Secretary of State's website.

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