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12/26/2014  see http://www.imagsts.com/YashengGroupUS014.html - date is wrong on the webpage
  Angel Star was explicitly terminated - Yasheng Group will be fortunate to escape to serious 
  financial damage in litigation. Given Yasheng Group's awful record at losing lawsuits it 
  would seem reasonable to conclude the only reasons a legal hammer has not been dropped
  already is (1) it is not clear who or where to serve and (2) it is as unclear that Yasheng Group
  has ANY assets.
11/3/2014 It was disappointing to not find Meng Yuan Agriculture with a Google search.
  Bloomberg knows nothing about them either. We'll be communicating with heads of
  various government departments in Inner Mongolia. For those who were wondering how
  extensive a crop of 1000 mu (if indeed that was really planted, grown and harvested) is,
  it would be .2574 square miles or roughly 160 acres. A US rule of thumb is 8,000 pounds
  of hemp seed per acre. When cold-pressed this should produce over 300 gallons of hemp
  seed oil and 6000 pounds of high protein hemp flour. 160 x 300 = 48,000 gallons of oil
  and 6000 x 160 = 960,000 pounds of flour. We anxiously await filing of Yasheng Group's
  2015 taxes to see the vast profits earned from this venture.
04/16/2014 http://www.imagsts.com/YashengGroupUS013.html - worth 9 (nine) pounds (£) in 2014
03/03/2014 Osman Ghani / BrokerBank Securities, Inc. Stock price then $1.60; projected $13.20; now 0.27
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