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March 18 2018
Email to the Colorado Secretary of State
We were trying to make sense of the the many affiliates of the California corporation known as
the Yasheng Group. The company was evicted from its Redwood City California offices in
October 2016 and current has a status of FTB suspended (= Franchise Tax Board, which is
California's tax agency, which you probably know). There have been no SEC EDGAR documents
filed for 2016 or 2017 and the SEC file number is SFRO-00604925. 

There are or have been Yasheng Group affiliates in at least 12 countries and nine US states, one
of which is Colorado. It is hard to tell if the agent for Hemp Route Limited is actually legitimate
but the agent the other Colorado affiliates is some version of G(.) Babadustov. We were
hoping you could clarify his or her name. A search on your website returns
The variations in SR and ST (with and without periods ...) are characteristic of the astonishing  
number of small oversights in virtually every address and name used. As you can imagine, this 
makes searching tedious. The bulk of G [.] Babadustov's work has involved the affiliates of
Hemp Bank, Empire Blockchain, Meissen Int'l Commercial, Art Bank, Yasheng Volco Mining,
Silk Road Fund, Silk Route Fund, Angel Star Biotech, and Yasheng Trading. The two exceptions
have street addresses of United States Post Offices here in California. Strain ID Ltd has the same
address as Yasheng Trading. 

Many thanks for your time
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