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February 26 2018 Congressional representatives have a link on their websites if you want or
  need help with a Federal agency. Usually you can fill in a web form and then
  print the results in order to hand-deliver, FAX or mail them. You will need:
  Agency involved: SEC
Numbers Identifying Case: SFRO-00604925
  A very short summary of the publicly traded California corporation (FTB suspended) Yasheng Group's activities can be
found at http://www.imagsts.com/YashengGroupUS180.html - there is also a link to download a document if you would prefer not to read
through web pages. The web pages use crude yellow links at the bottom to navigate. Even by the rather relaxed standards applied to Chinese
penny stocks the behavior by Yasheng Group is jaw-dropping. I was hoping someone could ask the SEC if there is any action expected
on the complaint listed above. The stock clings to life at around 10 cents.
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