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February 25 2018 An email was sent to Bloomberg, "the central nervous system of global finance".
  "As a global information and technology company, we connect decision makers
  to a dynamic network of data, people and ideas – ACCURATELY (emphasis
  ours) delivering business and financial information, news and insights to
  customers around the world."
  Readers will recall the eviction from Redwood City was late October 2016.
  Bloomberg can hardly be blamed for not providing the latest financials - after
  all, no 10Ks or 10Qs filed on EDGAR for 2016 or 2017. But perhaps this
  glaring absence could have been noted. The website is a domain which has no
  pages - but it is owned by Gansu Yasheng Industrial. The list of officers does
  NOT agree with the 8-K. But the 8-K makes little sense to the untrained eye.
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