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January 23 2017 "20th Maine, fix bayonets and advance!"
  Chamberlain had a terrible tactical situation: the regiment was nearly out of bullets;
  there was no prepared fallback position; there was no reserve; and a great deal
  depended on holding Little Round Top. I doubt the Union would have lost the war,
  but defeat in that battle was certainly likely. Whether Robert E. Lee could have
  continued with major offensive operations (30 miles northeast lies Harrisburg) is not
  clear. The line for Chamberlain's troops had been severely bent on the left, so the
  remnants of the regiment were in an acute V-shape. After a ragged volley the bulk of
  able-bodied men charged into the Confederate ranks. The Union left wing (feather?)
  kept moving downhill to the right so the regiment was essentially launching both a
  flanking attack and a frontal assault. The email continued:
  5. Mailin had not been served as of yesterday (1/18 - editor), and I am not clear why Mr.
  Travis did not have her served at or near court. I have no information about whether
  the other two named defendants, executives Weihao Cui and Haiyun Zhuang, were
  served. Mr. Travis did acknowledge that Mr. Jerry Chilton was NOT representing
  anyone, and had not accepted service. This was a great relief to me.
  6. Initially, the judge ruled against a translator. I objected, and he reversed himself on
  the bench. Given your much greater experience, perhaps that is a common thing, but I
  thought it was unusual. The county of San Mateo will provide a Mandarin translator so
  that James Gao, John Gao, Mailin and probably Meiping Wu as well can all assist their 
  lawyers and understand what is going on. I would assume a similar request would be
  successful in Marin.
  7. For the record, I am normally meticulously polite because in martial arts people with
  "B" manners or worse tend to get their facial bones rearranged. Notwithstanding, I did
  indeed decline to acknowledge Mr. David Davies, refused to shake hands with Mr. 
  Travis (*), and asked Meiping Wu who she was. I rather rudely interrupted her outside  
  the courtroom (a very public place) when she started to loudly assert Mailin was thief
  who "stealed" 350 objects. I replied,"We will just see who stole what from whom". I
  asked her twice not to speak to myself or Mailin. I later asked the court to have the
  bailiff remove her from court after the next outburst in any language. Given your
  international experience, perhaps you would know if there any consequences if a judge
  or anyone in court is insulted in another language (in this case, other than English)
  without an official translator of that language present.
  8. Mr. Travis (a) citing scheduled commitments, declined an immediate offer to meet at
  a coffeeshop or any conference room nearby; (b) indicated he is amenable to a further
  continuance; (c) wants to make arrangements to serve Mailin; (d) would agree to
  consolidating the objects at a suitable secured location;(e) apparently would be willing
  to condense the two cases; (f) and was willing to discuss whether the case is simple or
  complex per California Rules of Court 3.400.
  * = I have less than 50 years of experience in martial arts so I have not yet encountered
  an art whose central inspiration is a platypus. In all secular arts that I have trained in or
  have knowledge of the refusal to shake hands is an explicit invitation to immediate
  mortal combat.
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