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January 21 2017 from Millbrae BART to Cal-Train to the Sam-Trans ECR Bus
  BART had had trouble all day getting trains to align - sometimes they are off
  a foot or so and it is no big deal. Experienced BART travelers laugh it off.
  Thursday my three trains were all off multiple car lengths. As far as I could tell,
  so were trains going in the opposite direction. The need to reposition at what
  seemed like each station delays the train. So I arrived at Millbrae just in time
  to watch the 12:22 Cal-Train pulling out. The next train was 1:22 (maybe). So I
  called Mailin. She could NOT come to get me since she and the others needed
  to check in at 1 PM. Hmm. Last I asked taxis were $80 or so. I could gamble that
  the 1:22 would arrive (at all) and depart on time. If things went well, it would
  arrive at Redwood City at 1:48 and I would have a very brisk walk - about one-
  third of a mile - to court. And then there would be the metal detectors. Worse,
  I had a garage door opener (frequently used by terrorists for dastardly deeds)
  AND a pepper spray - another well-known weapon of mass destruction. So I
  finally decided to try and take the San Mateo Transit Authority (SamTrans) ECR
  bus. The ECR stands for El Camino Real (= The Royal Road in Spanish) a road
  which used to connect many of the early missions and is now known as
California highway 82. It is 13 miles from Millbrae BART to Court - the ECR bus
  takes 65 minutes (yes, 12 miles per hour) at that time of day. So I found a bus
  stop about a half-mile away and paid full fare - $2.25 - because I did not want to
  deal with proving I am a senior. Clipper card for sure if there is a next time. A
  bracing walk and I made it there with 6 minutes to spare. As I entered the court 
  I could hear a train arriving. But I was in walking shoes (not dress shoes), and it
  turned out my belt had fallen out of the security tray or something. So I had to
  race downstairs to get it, slip into a restroom to put it on and try and look
  presentable. To my surprise, the garage door opener and pepper spray made it
  through, but when I checked later my Old Spice deodorant was missing. Well-
  known to be a key ingredient in Improvised Explosive Devices. Next, some drama ! 
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