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January 19 2017 San Mateo County Superior Court - southern
  It was raining. Despite being a frequent, sometimes daily, occurrence here
  the precipitation always causes chaos in the traffic systems. So I expected 
  after a bracing ride on BART from Bay Point to Millbrae and a Cal-Train to
  Redwood City to have a brief appointment with Lauren Smith the building
  manager at 805 Veterans Blvd. Then it would be off to court to see how Mailin
  had been and what would happen. I planned to argue she was not served and
  that a continuance was called for (in fact, required). I expected to assert that
  several defendants including Mailin are not capable of effectively assisting in
  their defense without a translator (or maybe at all). We'll see if John Gao got a
  useful note from his doctor. I will move that the case be designated complex.
  I am going to move to consolidate the cases in San Mateo for convenience.
  I am going to ask the judge for an order to serve the Secretary of State
  because the corporation's contacts are defective. The aim is eventual
  involuntary dissolution and delisting from both US OTC and Stuttgart.
  Well, as they say in the military, no plan survives first contact with the enemy
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