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January 12 2017 What happens to employee property after a termination
  It varies quite a bit from state to state. The simplest practice is the employer
  has the employee carefully clean out his or her work area, everyone shakes
  hands, and life goes on. There is case law about whether a former employee
  can re-enter the premises (usually not), ask a co-worker or supervisor, contact
  human relations and so on. Typically, disputes about who actually owns
  something get settled in small claims. There is no (zero) law that permits an
  active, terminated (or any status) employee to change locks. There are two
  police reports relevant to the matter - check the Dominion of Melchizedek.
  In the case of Yasheng Group when Meiping Wu was fired from all offices
  in August 2016 she had been paying herself for years on 1099s. So she was NOT
  an employee and none of this applies. The EDD might decide she was an
  employee. Yasheng Group asserted that all belongings were purchased with
  embezzled or otherwise illegally obtained company money so all of the
  items belonged to the company.
Police reports a few ugly moments - well, a lot
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