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January 11 2017 What happens to tenant property after an eviction
  It varies quite a bit from state to state. In California Civil Code §1983 et seq
  The landlord must send a notice to the place the tenant is expected to receive
  it that (1) describes the property in sufficient detail for the tenant to identify
  it, (2) advises him that he has 15 days (18 days if the notice is mailed) to
  claim it, (3) apprises him of reasonable storage costs, and (4) tells him
  where to claim the property. The notice must also inform him that unclaimed
  property of value will be sold at a public sale and property believed to be
  worth less than $300 will be kept, sold, or destroyed. After deductions for
  storage, advertising, and the sale, landlords must turn over to the county any
  residual proceeds.
  Most landlords assert property has no value, throw it out and don't bother.
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