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January 10 2017 Yasheng Group EVICTED from 805 Veterans Blvd #228 on 10/25/2016
  Sadly, the suite remains available. [note: will update (2/23/2018) soon]
  An Internet search for the address returned (1) Angel Star Biotech Enterprise Ltd
  (20131720653 in Colorado - in good standing) was there but is now at Meiping Wu's
  condo in Sunnyvale (2) Art Bank  (20141020170 in Colorado but is delinquent) has
   the Redwood City address (3) Yasheng Volco Mining Group (2010483559 in 
  Colorado but is delinquent) (4) Silk Road Resources (E0107962011-9 in Nevada),
(5) Silk Road Fund Inc. ( C3013530 in California SOS/FTB suspended) (6) Silk Road
  Green Foods International (7) Silk Road Botanicals, Inc. (C3997640 in California -
  actually active) (8) Equity Art Corporation Ltd (C2673907 in California; FTB 
  suspended) and (9) Lemco Yasheng LLC (201306410223 in California SOS/FTB
  suspended). That is by no means all the companies.
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