The usual dividing line is a
runway length of 3000 meters for
large modern jets such as the
Boeing 747 and Airbus 300
through 380. However, useful
runway length varies with a
number of factors such as
surface and load capacity, wind
direction,weather, altitude,
visibility and plane weight
including fuel. A wide body jet
might need 3000 meters to land
but 3900 to take-off at sea-level
when fully loaded and fueled.  
The post-quake status of airports and fuel is useful for the admiral to know
because, based on Berlin 1949, we estimate it would require 1,000 C-130J flights
per day to supply Istanbul.  Even if most airports can be repaired, roads,
tunnels and bridges are fixed, fuel can be found for trucks and trains, Turkey
will still need a coordinated sea-lift comparable to June 1944.