State-wide and for all grades, our DEEDS ABIDE software models suggest almost 80,000 teaching jobs will be lost.
There are a number of immediate effects: increased foreclosures, increased unemployment payments, less sales,
income and real estate taxes and less consumer spending.
Summer 1940 was indeed Britain's finest hour, but the cost was terrible. Over one thousand fighter planes lost, over
five hundred pilots killed and sixty thousand civilians killed or wounded. The average age of British pilots: 22.
Average solo flight training before combat: 9 hours. The average survival time: 20 days.
DEEDS ABIDE suggested an eventual goal of a 10:1 student teacher ratio with a first phase that included 18
additional teachers to Las Lomas; 16 to Campolindo and 15 each to Miramonte and Acalanes. That would mean more
than five million dollars in salaries and benefits. Our first impression was that something was seriously wrong with
our software.  
After watching combat operations near Uxbridge during a desperate struggle on August 16 when the battle was at its
highest intensity, Churchill remarked to his chief of personal staff General Ismay, “Never in the field of human conflict
has so much been owed by so many to so few.” In our experience, the opportunity to be one of the few defying the
Persians at Thermopylae or the Luftwaffe over London is rare.
As I am certain everyone knows, Academic Performance Index scores are highly correlated with SAT scores. When we
looked more closely at the
DEEDS ABIDE results what we found were four clusters of predictions about scores: 'A'
high schools (API 875 to 1000) like
Acalanes will take five or six years to recover from two years of 10% staff cuts;
'B' schools (API 750 to 874) like Alhambra will take eight to ten years. 'C' schools like Antioch won't fail, but effectively
never recover. For schools like De Anza in Richmond there will be no hope.
Some months ago several colleagues were peacefully measuring glacier melt in the mountains of Central Asia. They
managed to apply some exotic mathematics to form a strategy after the terrible Sichuan earthquake of May 12, 2008
where casualties far exceeded those of 1940. No doubt Cauchy would have pointed out that first-class talent would
have predicted the initial event, rather than its aftershocks.