07/90 to 09/91 Charles Schwab San Francisco, California

I rewrote the batch stock brokerage commission calculation and accounting systems in order to provide the online ability to
construct promotions. This work was done in COBOL using CICS with both DATACOMM and IDMS.

04/89 to 06/90 Integral Systems   Walnut Creek, California

My two major assignments were the construction of a tool kit to allow rapid conversion of Cullinet IDMS/ADSO payroll systems
to Integral DB2/CSP systems and the application of two years of upgrades to the very heavily customized systems in use at
Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas. Other consulting assignments included work at Rainier Financial (Chicago), American
General Insurance (Dallas), Peter Kiewit Engineering (Omaha) and City of Phoenix (Arizona).

07/88 to 03/89 Integrated Automation Alameda, California
I performed a lengthy software quality audit on a comprehensive business system written in C and COBOL on an IBM mainframe
and two linked Stratus minicomputers supporting the automation of a warehouse for Federal-Mogul.

04/87 to 06/88 Progressive Insurance Richmond, California

Assisted in the design and testing of an insurance claims system written in ADSO. First reported use of a desktop laser printer to
print checks in an ADSO system.

10/86 to 03/87 IBM - GPD San Jose, California

Responsible for gathering user requirements and production of external reference specifications. Technical tasks included VSAM
definitions, table creation, table loading and the building of model DXT, QMF and AS application processes.
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