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5/97 to 10/99 Arrowsoft Development Fairfield, California

Technical lead for the design and development of an insurance billing system for a consortium of  insurance companies. This was a
very large FoxPro 3/5  application with a team of ten.

7/96 to 4/97 Matson Navigation (now part of Alexander and Baldwin) San Francisco, California

Maintenance of heavily customized Tesseract payroll  and pension applications featuring mainframe processing  and local (ship
and shore) Windows clients.  Re-engineering of a diverse collection of EDI batch reports to real-time Crystal Reports on
Windows workstations showing container, power unit and trailer status.  

5/94 to 6/96 American Stores (formerly Lucky’s; now Albertson’s) Dublin, California

Rewrote the four sets of labor pricing and pension custom McCormack and Dodge (M&D) applications in a consolidated form
so that all operating companies were handled in a similar manner. Responsible for all programming and design to convert M&D
VSAM data to PeopleSoft DB2 tables. This included construction of all the DB2 utilities  and acceptance scripts for data
validation.  At the time, the largest Peoplesoft installation in terms of people paid. Also responsible for all programming and design
to accommodate alternate pay pricing and automated  progressive wage increases.

10/92 to 4/94 Pacific Gas and Electric Company San Francisco, California

Developed new payroll and personnel applications using CSP and COBOL with DB2 under CICS. The  Job Bidding application
was a then-novel use of  Interactive Voice Response (also used touch-tone telephone input and voice output) and was the most
heavily used application in the company. Other applications involved interfacing mainframes and personal computers using both
TCP/IP and SunNet as well as encapsulating the LRS software for use by CSP applications needing SNA-attached printers.

10/91 to 09/92 Port Authority of New York/New Jersey  New York, New York

Part of a team working at Integral Systems that was charged with massive customization of the Integral Systems payroll and
personnel applications using CSP and COBOL with DB2 under CICS. I acted as database administrator and lead application
programmer. According to IBM, I authored the first use of PL/1 subroutines by a CSP program.
This system survived the
first World Trade Center bombing.  
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