I-MAG STS    Corporation
32. The only solution we could locate capable of producing a viable economy for the Gaza Strip, if indeed that is the goal, consisted of
moving the United Nations headquarters from New York to the city of Gaza, and shifting current inhabitants southwest to a new supurb
in essence rotating the Gaza Strip 90 degrees clockwise. This arrangement required cooperation by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Syria,
Turkey and Iran. It is helpful (and in their interests) if Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank, Cyprus and Iraq are active participants in
mutual co-development efforts.     

33. Our models make it clear that TARP will largely be a waste of time and money. Even massive production of electrical cars and an
explosion of new energy sources will not be sufficient. The key is jobs. Our preferred solution is 110,000 rail miles of maglevs and 300
supurbs in a network stretching from eastern Russia (and even Japan, the Koreas and China) across the Bering Straits to Boston,
Belize and beyond.   

34. Recent work done for the Summit of the Americas conference highlighted progressively weaker correlations among nations
covering the two continents.While we were not surprised to see that countries like Nicaragua and Venezuela will have to survive (or
not) on their own efforts, the decreasing economic connections between the United States, Canada and Mexico should be cause for
concern. We were unable to obtain a measure or combination of measures that could be used to signal a recovery. In particular, the
usefulness of the Baltic Dry Index and its components has declined in a non-linear fashion.
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