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30. In November 2007 we presented material to selected members of the San Francisco Bay Area staff of Senator Barack Obama. We
predicted that he would lose the California primary by 40 delegates. We also predicted that if close attention was paid to caucuses and
super-delegates he would eventually win the nomination by a slight margin.  With the exception of West Virginia, all of our state by
state predictions for direct delegates were accurate to within 2 delegates per state.

Subsequent extensions of the Zeren application were used to prepare material for several local Congressional representatives, select
senior Democratic Party officials and economic advisors for Senator Obama. Our overall  conclusions was that the United States of
America needed detailed (city and county level) plans that specified where maglevs and supurbs would be built as well as predictions of
the impact of these projects on bio-fuel production, jobs, health insurance coverage and poverty. Quite apart from domestic and
overseas economic considerations, Zeren showed that by espousing such a plan, the Democratic Party would make impressive gains in
both Houses of Congress, Governorships and state legislatures. It was also clear that lack of such of plan or failure to execute would
have huge consequences in 2010 - perhaps losing control of both the House and Senate.

31. During the State of California’s on-going problem with solvency and passing a budget we were informed of looming staff reductions
at Acalanes, the nearby high school district. We used features of our Chinkara software, originally used to predict the financial track of
publicly traded companies, to explore the economic consequences of hiring more teachers as a way of stimulating a recovery. The
modeling strongly suggested that the damage of layoffs falls disproportionately on lower performing schools. In particular, two years of
10% teacher layoffs with cause a decline in API scores that will take another four to six year
s to reverse for top schools.  As might be
expected, such a contrarian strategy also has profound positive effects for companies that would be leading an economic upturn. A very
specialized version of the Acalanes material was done for Cisco Systems. We identified companies that would have to lead the
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