Being First Whether one is predator  or prey or the prime Minister of Burkina Faso, when the sun comes up what is critical is velocity - moving at speed in the correct direction
A Minor Miracle An encounter with phillemic software changes the diagnosis for an autistic boy who did not have a prayer
Tsunamis and Sumatra Using cluster analysis with a non-Euclidean metric to predict whether the recent seismic activity released stress or is a build up for another 9.0 earthquake
Precision in Peru In July 2006 we presented simulations of the effects of a massive marine earthquake with an epicenter west of Lima Peru - fortunately the August 15 2007 Pisco event only had some resemblance to what we feared.
Catastrophe at Kivu An African Rift lake with 60 BILLION cubic meters of explosive gases near the most active volcano on the planet - and a city of one million caught in the middle
Higher Mathematics Moon-Venus conjunctions and a Mesopotamian Nash Equilibrium
Bach to Rwanda In a land of Kalishnikovs and child soldiers pianist Rena Sharon has only a keyboard
Chocolate-covered raisins
How the statistical technique known as canonical covariance analysis helped a young boy with severe behavior problems succeed at school  
Taking a bow with strings attached Playing a Baroque cello piece as an elegy in war-torn Sarajevo
More Various studies for countries or groups of countries