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Richter 7.0 or greater for
the last 40 years. From
left (west) to right:
06/10/1996 7.9; followed
11 hours later by a 7.3
(shown as the same dot);
05/07/1986 8.0; the 7.2 of
6/24/2011 that we  
mentioned already; a 7.1
on 03/24/1980; and a 7.0
on 05/30/1991. The initial
map actually contained
18.450 events; followed by
1210 Richter 5.0s or
greater (we would expect
closer to 2000); 103
Richer 6.0s or greater
(again, well short by at
least 20; and probably
more like 100) and the six
Richter 7.0s shown here.   
There are about a dozen
Richter 7s "missing" and
probably a Richter 8 as
well. Generally, not good.
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There was also a trio of 7.8s on 12/31/1901, 12/31/1901 and
01/01/1902. These were all in the ocean just north of the three
leftmost islands. Not shown were an 8.3 on 06/02/1903; an 8.6
on 03/07/1929; an 8.7 on 11/10/1938 and an 8.6 on 03/09/1957.