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I-MAG STS    Corporation
Richter: 5.0  Date and time: 2011/03/16 18:23:09
Latitude:  29.412      longitude:  141.806  23.7

A 5.0? After an 8.9 and almost 300 aftershocks
and four mortally wounded reactors, who cares
about the Izu Islands? A total of 30,000
inhabitants scattered over 17 VOLCANIC islands
(12 inhabited). How volcanic? The eruption at
Torishima in 1902 killed all 125 people on the
island. Unfortunately, neither that eruption nor
the one in 2002  killed all or even many of the
black rats - these continue to prey on the critically
endangered Short-tailed or Stellar's Albatross
Phoebastria albatrus) as well as other seabirds.
Administratively, the island are part of the Tokyo
Metropolis. This earthquake is far removed from
the typhoon of seismic activity near Fukushima
(conjectured by some to be the result of a
subsurface mantle plume to account for little or
no activity so far on the edges of the Pacific and
Philippine plates).
Bad news if there are more events in and around
the Izu Islands. Tokyo would be in the cross-hairs