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Richter 5.0 or
greater seismic
events in the last 35
years. One of the
earthquakes in the
northern cluster
was a 6.0.  
With apologies to John Donne (1/21/1572 - 3/31/1631; among other accomplishments
poet extraordinaire, albeit with "keeping of accent problems" per Ben Jonson;
Member of Parliament; and Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral):
Never send to know for whom the earth quakes:
On  07/21 at 13:55:55 (UTC) there was a Richter 5.2 just across the border in Zambia
at 15.846 South and 26.073 East (below the lower left corner of this map).
Harrington font used in memory of St. William Harrington, S.J. (1566-1594).