Ironically, as England
matured the tolerance for the
gentlemen of fortune who
helped stimulate the British
economy declined. Gone were
the days when Francis Drake
could steal and plunder his
way around the world, pay off
the entire national debt, and
be knighted by the Queen on
the deck of his ship.
Unfortunately, today it is still
possible, with a discrete
choice of locations, to
embody that classic line from
Gilbert and Sullivan's
of Penzance
"It is a glorious thing to be a
Pirate King.
One hardly need to churn through millions of computations on a
quad-core processor to determine that there are certain target-rich
locations like the Straits of Malacca, the Mandab Straits and the
Straits of Hormuz where a Pirate King might do very well. As far as we
know, tsunamis just happen when and where they happen. Pirates
choose the time and place.