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Among the many local measures on the November 2010 ballot for some citizens of Contra
Costa County in northern California was Measure N - the K-8 school district of Knightsen was
asking for voter authorization for a five million dollar ($5,000,000) bond. The measure
needed 55% Yes votes to pass. As of 11/08 Measure N is six votes short.

We had been intrigued by Knightsen's highish test scores - they are not unique, but certainly
unusual for a small, rural school district. Yes, very small districts can oscillate between good
and bad scores from year to year due to the instability often inherent in small samples. And
yes, the scores were highish for California, a state, alas, not known these days as an education

We chanced to be upgrading an application named GERENUK from our DEEDS ABIDE
software suite at the time so, without apology, if you click the Next link at the top right, you
will be directed to the middle of a series of GERENUK screenshots.  
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