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Ominously, the red triangles represent volcanoes
that are thought to be linked by virtue of being along
the same geological feature. The Kermadec Islands
(about in the middle of the map) are made up of  the
following volcanoes: Brimstone Island (never a
promising name), Curtis Island, Giggenbach,
Macauley Island, Raoul Island, Monowai Seamount
and Volcano W, a terse and precise if not very
imaginative name.  Raoul Island is the
northernmost and largest of the Kermadec Islands.
Raoul is the summit of a large submerged massif
about 35 km by 20 km. At the surface the island
covers about 30 sq km in area (maximum 10 x
6km). The 17th March 2006 eruption destroyed
about 12 acres of bush, and emitted boulders, rocks
and ash. Ashfall covered half the island. There were
previous eruptions in 1964-65, 1872, 1870, 1845 and
1814. Monowai Seamount is at 25.88 S, 177.18 E
and has lots of activity, most of which is invisible.
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