Marine gas bubble sensor
network summary. When
sensors detect bubble starts,
stops or changes, time to worry
in both Tel Aviv and Cairo. If
there are serious sensor changes
in the Eastern Mediterranean
then Nicosia, Ankara, Beirut,
Damascus, Athens and Rome
among others should be more
than a little nervous. The
prospect of a Red Sea tsunami
should cause worries in Saudi
Arabia, Yemen, Djibouti, Eritrea,
Sudan, northwestern Somalia
and Ethiopia. Admiral Fedorov is
correct: tsunami waves are not
aimed at a country or ethnic
group. They are just addressed
"To Whom It May Concern".
Perhaps were there jointly ventured maglevs running from Madrid via
Morocco and Istanbul via Jerusalem to Mecca and co-developed seismic sensor
networks in the Mediterranean and Red Seas (and, recalling the November 1,
1755 "Lisbon" event, the eastern Atlantic) the bulk of senior civilizations could
set a worthy example for less mature cultures.