The commander in chief of  the
Israeli Navy shares with his
counterpart the commander in
chief of the Egyptian Navy the
responsibility for safeguarding
the marine traffic vital to each
nation in both the Red Sea and
the Mediterranean Sea. We are
assured that in the wake of
devastating tsunami previously
significant differences such as
the ensign a ship flies or the
uniform her sailors wear become
temporarily less important.   
Russian Admiral Viktor Dmitrievich Fedorov, in commenting on the assistance provided by the American,
Japanese and especially British navies during the rescue of Russian submarine AS-28 in 2005, noted that the sea has
been the most formidable of foes for thousands of years, and that the incident proved again the need for
cooperation between sailors of various countries.  Russia does not permit just anyone to command a fleet, so one
may safely infer that Admiral Fedorov, who is a formidable fellow himself,  was absolutely correct.