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We’ve ignored France’s Mediterranean ports along the southern coast in order to focus on marine events
either in the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic, the English Channel or the North Sea.
A Loyalty Islands tsunami would in many cases be a tragedy of heartbreaking proportions – perhaps as
many as 50,000 casualties. But, if starvation and epidemics could be limited, New Caledonia would
survive. On November 1, 1755 the infamous Lisbon tsunamis and earthquake (epicenter at 36 N -10° W)
struck. Today, that event would easily cause a million casualties. Given a collection of locations, tide, time
of year,  and a spectrum of Richter values, to get the needed energy, demographics and economic details
we will need a lot more processing power than most netbooks and tablets currently provide. To save time
we can calculate scenarios in parallel – for France we’d like to estimate both casualties and long-term
effects of damage to logistics and electrical power generation. In addition to human suffering, there is the
notion that Gabon trades actively with France AND someday maybe Gabon might need France's help.
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The orange dots are
earthquakes – nothing
significant. The green
squares are major ports and
the red circles are reactors.
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