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As far as chess international masters and grandmaasters, we'd
not expect much for Gabon given its small population.
Barthelemy Bongo Akanga Ndjila has a rating of 1924, and Jean
Pierre Moulain Ayombo has a rating of 2142. Somewhat more
puzzling is that, as far as FIDE knows, there are no (zero) rated
players in Mozambique. Continentally, the top ranked African
inhabitant is Ahmed Adly of Egypt at 2630. There are two other
FIDE grandmasters in Egypt: Bassem Amin (2596) and Essam El
Gindy (2506) as well as 25 International Masters (usually
2200+). Iran with a smaller population than Egypt has 7
grandmasters, three of whom are fairly active. We note that Iran
also has two women grandmasters - Atousa Pourkashiyan (2374)
and Paridar Shadi (2250). We'd expect Shayesteh Ghader Pour
(also 2250) to get the WGM title soon.
To illustrate some points we turn
to an interesting game by GM
Ehsan Ghaem Maghami (2606),
now 29, who has been the
Iranian national champion nine