Yasheng Group (US)  

Companies started in foreign countries  
Great Britain  
Hong Kong  
Companies started in the United States  
Arizona Archean Mountain Mining, W&R International Construction, Rouge Mountain Mining,
Shadow Ridge Water
California Yasheng Eco-Trade,Gansu Medicines and Health Products Import and Export, Yasheng Lemco,
Yasheng Logistics, Hemp Bank (cross-listed), Hemp Route Limited (cross-listed), Empire Blockchain
(cross-listed), Meissen International Commercial (cross-listed), Art Bank (cross-listed),
Yasheng Volco Mining (cross-listed), Silk Route Fund (cross-listed), Silk Road Fund (cross-listed),
Angel Star Biotech Enterprise (cross-listed), YashengTrading Group (cross-listed), PharmaConsult
(cross-listed), Strain ID (cross-listed), Yasheng Green Phil, Equity Arts, Kramer Junction Real Estate,
Kramer Junction Mining (cross-listed), Kramer Junction Ltd (cross-listed)
Colorado Hemp Bank, Hemp Route Limited , Empire Blockchain, Meissen International, Art Bank,
Yasheng Volco Mining, Silk Route Fund, Silk Road Fund, Angel Star Biotech Enterprise, Yasheng
Trading Group, PharmaConsult, Strain ID, Kramer Junction Ltd (cross-listed) 
Delaware Angel Star Nutrition, Yasheng Eco-Trade, Vortex Resources, Emvelco, Euroweb International,
Hungarian Teleconstruct, Hungarian Infrastructure Development (earlier names of Eco-Trade)
Florida Pfau, Pfau and Pfau
Nevada Silk Road Gold Mines, Saliba Development, CCMG Development, In Sync International,
SNS-Tech USA, VLOV ONE, Kramer Junction Mining (cross-listed),Virgin Lakes Development,
owned by Virgin Lakes -  Town Square, H&L Specialties Construction and Scenic Developers,
Yasheng US Corp Mining (all defunct)
Utah Angel Star Nutrition, Angel Star Holdings (both solely the property of Steven White)
Washington Yasheng Sustainable Systems
Wyoming Yasheng Group
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