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Per https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ch.html (for those
unfamiliar with such things, cia.gov is the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of
America. The world population there (July 2016 estimate) is 7,323,187,457 with an annual net
growth rate of 1.06% or 77,625,787. China's population is given as 1,373,541,278 or 18.75%.
So "almost one-fifth" would be more accurate. China's population growth rate is 0.43% or
5,906,227 per year, which is about 7.6085% of the planet's population growth. The estimate is
11.3% of China's land (9,326,410 square kilometers) is arable, so 1,053,884 sq km in China.
Actually, total arable land changes over time: since 2008 China has reported 1,086,000;
1,100,000; 1,114,000;  1,116,000; and 1,065,000 sq km. Variances are usually due to drought,
erosion and floods. The World Bank and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
differ on how much arable land the planet has. Accordingly, estimates for China's share vary
from 6.52% to 8.09%. The problem is arable land only shows potential, not what is produced.
We will try to confirm KFC, Tsingtao Beer and McDonalds as major customers of Yasheng
China. What relevance has this to Yasheng Group US, which produces zero and sells zero?
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