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March 11 2018 New old subsidiaries and associates in China
Gansu Agriculture & Reclamation Seeding Co. Ltd
Gansu Baiyin Agriculture and Reclamation Company
Gansu Hongtai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd
Gansu Lanwei New Materials Co., Ltd.
Gansu Jinta Hengsheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd
Gansu Jinta Xingsheng Industrial Co., Ltd
Gansu Jinta Yongsheng Agricultural Development Co.
Gansu Jinta Yuantai Commercial Trading Co.,Ltd.
Gansu Tiaoshan Agricultural-Industrial-Commercial Group Co., Ltd.
Gansu Xiaheqing Industrial Co., Ltd
Gansu Yasheng America Trade Co., Ltd
Gansu Yasheng International Trade Group Co., Ltd.
Jingtai Tiaoshan Poultry Cultivation Co., Ltd.
Jingtai Tiaoshan Xinglong Forest & Fruit Co., Ltd
Jingtai Tiaoshan Yuanfeng Agricultural Co., Ltd
Jiuquan Bianwan Agricultural Trading Co., Ltd
Jiuquan Maiguan Hops Co., Ltd
Jiuquan Xiaheqing Lvxing Greenstar Hops Co., Ltd
Lanzhou New Western PVA Co. Ltd.
Longxing Co.
Shandong Shenglong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Surface Art Specialties
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