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January 31 2017 Letters to state and federal politicians

for California State Assembly and California State Senate

  There will be an interesting judicial decision Wednesday morning in Marin
  County. The Honorable Paul Haakinson will determine if there was valid
service to an email account that had blocked messages from the sender.
  The Clerk of the same Superior Court is not allowing papers to be filed by
  the defendant because that defendant has NOT been served. Likewise, a
member of the Marin County District Attorney's office was of the opinion that
  there was no service, and noted that the District Attorney served papers in
  person just to avoid such problems. We'll see if Marin County has justice for
  the poor, the disabled, the old and the language-challenged (all defendants
  speak Mandarin but little or no English). I would expect considerable

newspaper and internet coverage.

  You might want to post on your website that virtually anyone involved in a legal
  action is entitled to request translation services from the court. As far as I can
  tell, the MC-410 form is in English only, which seems somewhat ironic.
  In the meantime, a review of electronic legal service systems in other states
  strongly indicates that California is far behind the leading edge. For example,
Florida requires in most cases that opposing attorneys use the state's rather
  sophisticated system to achieve speedy, paper-free and high-integrity
  information flow. And I think most attorneys would agree the federal system
  for electronic communication in civil cases works well.
  My understanding from the California Judicial Council chaired by our Chief
  Justice is that the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)
  recommends adding new Code of Civil Procedure section 1013b and amending
   sections 664.5, 1010.6, and 1011. Those would be parts of an extended effort to
upgrade and clarify electronic service and filings.
  for House of Representatives and United States Senate members the last section is
  From a national perspective I believe that were the House and Senate to suggest
  a standard for electronic service and filings everyone would benefit. For
  example, had there actually been electronic filings available to defendants above
   they could have used Google Translate to understand what was going on.
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