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January 30 2017 Letters to the editor - Marin Independent Journal; Asian Journal; Sing Tao Daily
  Dear Editor:
Of interest to Asian Journal readers in the United States is that (1) the five defendants mentioned below
  are Chinese, (2) anyone appearing in court can ask for FREE language translation and (3) emails you do
  not want can be blocked.  Location: Civic Center, Hall of Justice, Courtroom E on  2/1/2017 at 9:00am
  The Honorable Paul Haakinson will be deciding if an emailed service was valid in case CIV-1700043.
  I am one of five named defendants: two are executives in China who speak no English. It is not clear if
  they received their emails. Defendant James Gao of Redwood City was physically served papers. He 
  cannot speak, read, write or understand spoken English. His brother John Gao is 77, in frail health and
  cannot speak, read, write or understand spoken English. He was physically served papers. I was NOT
served physical papers, but the plaintiff's attorney asserted under penalty of perjury that I was served by
  email. Due to repeated and abusive emails I had blocked emails from him and the plaintiffs in December
  so I could not have ever received the service. The Marin County Superior Court clerk agrees I have not
  been served, and she therefore cannot accept documents from me - the last check on that was Friday
  afternoon in person. A representative of the Marin County District Attorney's office agreed that there was
  no service, and noted that they always served in person to avoid such problems.
  Mr. John Gao and I work for Yasheng Group, which is a publicly traded California corporation. About
  80% of its stock is owned by a parent corporation in China. The former president of Yasheng Group was
fired in August (see the 8-K on the SEC's EDGAR webpages); the company's phones and FAX numbers
  were disconnected in September; and the company was evicted from its offices in Redwood City in
  October. John and I have not been paid in 14 months. We have an EDD hearing in San Jose February 24.
  The company has not filed or paid state and Federal taxes since 2013. The online California Secretary of
  State form SI-200 (corporate information) has mortal flaws.
  We will get to see Wednesday if Marin County has justice for the poor, the disabled, the old and the
  language-challenged. Perhaps the decision will be reported on in English by the Marin Independent
  Journal. The Sing Tao Daily has been sent this material in Mandarin.
Sing Tao Sing Tao Daily letter to the editor (in Chinese)
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