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January 29 2017 Adventures in Marin County California

After picking up a senior Clipper card the day before a brisk walk to Bay Point

  BART and a 40 minute ride to MacArthur station in Oakland. Then a tedious
  walk across the long diagonal of the station to transfer to a Richmond train.
  About a 15 minute ride north to the El Cerrito Del Norte station. It is likely
  better to go closer to commute times - I had to wait about 25 minutes for the 40
  bus to San Rafael. That was about a 40 minute ride on a Golden Gate Transit
  bus and a fast transfer to a Marin County 35 bus which takes one right to the
  door of the Marin County Civic Center. I check the court schedule. Then I
  stroll over to the District Attorney's office. My questions were: if one tries to
  e-serve and the recipient's email has been configured to block your email

address what happens is the recipient never sees the email and the sender gets

  no alert that the message was deleted. Does that constitute service? The
  answer was 'no' and it was noted that the Marin County District Attorney
  serves in person 99.99% of the time just to avoid all sorts of trouble. The
  answer to 'was it perjury?' was "Ask the judge". More complications: the
  court clerk said no service yet for Mailin, so no documents could be filed. 
Mailin and John and James showed up about 1:22 - 8 minutes before court.  
  They marched off with the papers I had prepared (probably the wrong forms,
  but it is hard to know what to answer if never served). There had been a
  ruling at 2 PM the previous day that since there was no opposition the writ of
  possession was granted unless defendants reacted by 4 PM. After the San
   Mateo debacle I had sent an email to Monte Travis asking if there actually was
  going to be something happening (or had he asked for a continuance). He
  noted that it was after 4 PM so no oral arguments could be heard Friday. Now
  Mailin and John had wandered off with my only forms. If the judge called us
  out of sequence (we were listed last) we had nothing. They returned about 1:40
  with the papers and copies an utter shambles. I managed to achieve two sets. I
  hate bluffing in court. Fortunately, the judge let me speak after I asserted no
  else spoke much English. Actually, lack of English is not their only trouble. To
  my considerable surprise, the judge said he would continue the TRO and make
  a ruling on whether service had been achieved on February 1. He did not ask
  for copies of the emails from Monte Travis to me discussing how to serve Mailin
  After a long post-court meeting to try and explain what happened (and another
  try by Mailin to file papers - rejected by the clerk on grounds still not served)
  Mailin tried to take me to San Rafael Transit Center, but missed the turn. That
  dropped us on the freeway so she took me to El Cerrito - only missed two turns.
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