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January 27 2017 Meiping Wu and Michael Larivee - from SEC filings

"Honorary PhD in Architecture and a master of Business Administration." 

  I'll make it a point to ask what schools and what years.
  "Mei Ping practiced architecture for many years and designed dozens of
  significant buildings throughout North Western China." I'll be checking if there
  is an AIA in China. "Mei is an accomplished and published artist." We'll see.
  "Ms. Wu has been consulting for YaSheng Group for four years and has been
  an active business leader in the bay area of California for eight years." At what?
  "Prior to joining YaSheng, Mei was the founder and majority owner of WR
  International a privately held consulting firm in Redwood City." And a great
  many other companies - none of which ever produced a thing.

"General Manager - Mr. Larivee has worked with the importation and .

  distribution industry both domestically and internationally. For the past 15
  years he has engaged in a wide range of business activities including real estate
  investment and development, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing. Mr.
  Larivee has worked as a consultant for Chinese firms entering the USA market
  for the past four years. In the past three years, Mr. Larivee has been a
consultant for the Company." He was also Meiping's lover for years, bought a 
  house with her in China, currently co-owns a car with her and has worked in
  the Yasheng Group offices in his own office rent free for 7 years - until eviction.
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