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January 24 2017 Getting home - a much smaller problem than General Lee faced after Gettysburg
  As I had missed my late morning appointment with Lauren Smith, the building
  manager at 805 Veterans, I felt obliged to walk over there after we left court.
  In various permutations Michael, the Gaos, Mailin and I ambled over. Everyone else
  wanted to eat at In-N-Out Burgers (about 1000 feet northeast of court). I literally
  cannot stomach In-N-Out's food. I really wanted to take a Cal-Train north from
  Redwood City as soon as possible, fearing commute time traffic horrors. But I felt
  it necessary to be polite, so I accompanied everyone to In-N-Out and had a shake.
  Possibly the worst chocolate shakes ever served. Eventually, we finished and I walked
  back to 805. There was a delay as Lauren was busy. Mailin eventually showed up.
  Then Mailin offered to drive me to Cal-Train. I said I had tickets for Redwood City.
  Instead, she got on 101 north and drove three miles northwest to the old Marineworld
  Parkway and Oracle headquarters. We got stuck in a left/U-turn lane where the signal
  was not working. Eventually, we escaped that, went further down Marineworld
  Parkway and made a U-turn. We recrossed 101 and she drove me to the Belmont
  Cal-Train station. This is a terrible station as it is  a local stop and exposed to wind and
  rain. The former means not all trains stop there - in contrast to Redwood City. When
  expresses roar through Belmont everyone on the platform cowers from the wind and
  covers their ears. I struck up a conversation with another potential passenger. When
  the advisory sign indicated that the next northbound train was going to be at least 30
  minutes late several passengers agreed to collaborate on an Uber and left. They
  reckoned that a drive to Millbrae even into the teeth of the commute (it was then
  almost 5 PM) would be faster and more likely to be successful than waiting for a train.
  Sam Webster asked if I would split an Uber. It seemed smart to me, so we left. Traffic
  was indeed horrible, but we beat the Cal-Train there. I am not sure when the next
  local Cal-Train actually arrived. I endured a really crowded BART ride in an
  uncomfortably hot car and walked home from the Bay Point station during a break in  
  the rain arriving just before 8 PM.
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