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January 22 2017 Stand fast, ye sons of main (void) {body} - main is a function in all C programs
  The actual quote was 'sons of Maine' in reference to the 20th Maine Volunteer  
  Volunteer Regiment under attack by the 15th Alabama on Little Round Top on
  July 2, 1863 during the Battle of Gettysburg. Had the Confederates prevailed, their
  artillery would have been able to enfilade and fire down the length of the Union 
  from an email sent to Max Gu, a partner at K&L Gates - working in Shanghai
  Mr. Gu worked on the parents' asset swap and did the blue sheet update in
  August 2016. I would assume he also did the form 8-K filing at that time. I wrote:
In the very unlikely event Yasheng Group US or whichever Chinese parent company
  it belongs to retains an attorney for the cases in San Mateo County and in Marin
  County (both in California) here's where things stand as of today after court
1. I appeared at San Mateo Superior court with Mailin (my wife), John Gao and James
Gao (brothers). John worked at Yasheng for 12 years. As far as I am aware, John and
  Mailin still work for Yasheng Group US, although they have not been paid in over one
year. Plaintiffs present were Meiping Wu, her domestic partner David Davies, and
  their attorney Monte Travis. A photo of his business card featuring a platypus
  semi-rampant facing dexter with a gavel grasped in its bill is attached.
  2. Mr. Travis had filed a defective motion for a continuance Wednesday 1/18. The judge
  determined that by statute the case had to be continued three weeks so appropriate
dates were set for another try in February.
  3. The service of the temporary restraining orders and ex parte writ of possession
  were deemed defective which caused some manifest unhappiness on the part of the
  of the judge. Mr Travis remarked,"Yes, Your Honor, I should be thrown out of here for
  that." I did not object.
4. I would assume the same defects apply in the case in Marin
  - to be continued, as we say in law -
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