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January 20 2017 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Alas, NOT the musical (later a movie) with music and lyrics by Stephen    

Sondheim and book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart. Starred Zero Mostel.
  Originally, the plan was Mailin and I would drive to San Mateo Thursday.
  After some berating by Michael while she was driving in the Caldecott tunnel
  she decided to attend a meeting with Michael and the Gaos. I was not invited.
  Despite threatening clouds, I decided to walk to BART. That went well but
  my first ticket came up with a "See Agent" reject when I tried to use it. The new
  procedure: you walk to the agent's booth, he tells you to try it again, it fails and
  he tries it on his special machine. It still fails. The agent writes on the ticket and
  hands you a flyer indicating the ticket can only be exchanged at 12th Street in
  Oakland during limited hours. How quaint. So I missed the 10:02 train which
  would have gotten me to SFO at 11:28. There would need to be a delay and a
  transfer to catch a BART Millbrae train to connect to Cal-Train. So I got to sit
  on the elevated, exposed Bay Point platform for 15 minutes. The ticket I used
  had $4.85 on it and since I had $2, my plan was to disembark at Montgomery in
  SF, race across the street to a US Bank ATM, get some cash (which I would need
  for CalTrain anyway) and resume my trip. It turned out the ticket I used had only
  4.35 so I need $2.20. Metal coins are a hassle at court so I had left them home.
  I had not bothered to get a senior Clipper card (can be used on BART and Cal-
  Train) and it was now too late. I had two more or less useless old BART tickets
  with a total of 20 cents on them so I proposed to offer the station agent these for
exit. I was somewhat alarmed to see the Montgomery Street station ticket
  exchange booth was gone and there was no agent in the BART booth. A notice
  on the BART booth said call the agent using the white phone on the wall.
  Lo! There at the phone was a very small plastic bag with some coins it. Free at last!
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