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January 18 2017 Marin County Superior Court
  It was raining. I wore the wrong belt. Off we went with Mailin driving. I have 
  a very hard time riding with her as she has trouble with directions, the car
  has lane drift problems, she slows down inexplicably and she talks a lot on the
  phone. We made it to Marin County where I've not been for decades. I used to
  work and teach there, and liked neither the company nor the class. Onward
  to the mall across the freeway to a Fedex to make copies. I had labored for
  days to prepare documents for James and John Gao in addition to Mailin.
  The counter clerk said there were two problems: Mailin had not been served
  and I had used the wrong forms. Getting to the Legal Aid office was
  excruciating - Mailin had brought glass bottles which could not be taken in.
  So I got to sit and wait while she took them all the way back out to the car.
  As I expected, Legal Aid was just about totally useless. I expect to have words
  with Michael Larivee tomorrow - can hardly wait. But Frank Lloyd Wright!!
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