I-MAG STS    Corporation
You are absolute leader of a nation of more than thirty million people with a
gross domestic product approaching two hundred billion dollars. Inflation is
under control, but you import six billion dollars more than you export, and
government spending exceeds revenues by twenty percent. In order to be
known to future generations as The Great should you

1. Build up your intermodal port to attract trade from  Brazil and African
countries on the Atlantic coast
2. Emphasize trade with Europe, especially France and Spain
3. Since your coastline is 2000 kilometers long motivate your Atlantic
neighbors to form a tsunami and earthquake warning and assistance network
4. Join with Mediterranean neighbors to build a maglev past Cairo to Mecca
5. Decrease teachers and doctors while increasing your secret police. Crush all
dissent, invest in defensive weapons of mass destruction and deposit billions
1. I-MAGSTS will show you the
trends in ship capacity, container
equipment and trade patterns.
2. How has joining the European
Union changed French commerce?
I-MAGSTS will tell you if your
country should join the EU
3. With your seismic history -
absolutely.  The earthquake and
tsunamis that wrecked Lisbon in
1755 would kill millions of your
people today.
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5. I-MAGSTS  can estimate how
much you can steal before you are
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