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03/86 to 9/86 Integrated Automation Alameda, California

Part of a 12-person team which developed a comprehensive business system for an automated warehouse for Ameritech.
130,000 lines of  COBOL  for IMS/DC with heavy use of barcodes.

01/84 to 03/86 GTE Sprint Burlingame, California

Maintained and largely rewrote a CICS/DLI Sales Order System which included decryption of customer EDI data. The sweep
run-time was reduced from 48 hours to 4 including checkpointing.

09/83 to 01/84 MicroResources Santa Rosa, California

I was Vice-President of Engineering responsible for development of PC-based comprehensive bank executive information system.
04/82 to 09/83 Fireman's Fund Insurance San Rafael, California

To cope with a chronic scarcity of storage I implemented database compression using Huffman codes. I provided Norm Owen of
IBM (author of the SMU utilities) a massive code modification that allowed database pointers to be analyzed even after the
database was greater than two gigabytes. Provided debugging, tuning, and design assistance for applications programmers
developing a very large system to integrate claims and policy exposures.

04/80 to 04/82 Southern Pacific Transportation  San Francisco, California

Installed IMS DB and DC. Designed and implemented an accounts receivable system that integrated freight bills and way bills.
Assisted the legal department staff in abandonment, commodity rating,  and both Santa Fe merger efforts.

Additional consulting work was done for Goldman-Sachs (stock trading systems, New York City); PetroBras (petroleum
Brazil); Bechtel International (payroll and currency exchange; London), AKZO (consolidation of the conglomerate's treasury
systems to one application with support for multiple human languages, Holland).

Prior consulting assignments included Atari, Memorex, Boole and Babbage, Levi-Strauss, Ampex, Hewlett-Packard,
General Electric Timesharing, AT&T, PDVSA, Cedars-Sinai Hospital.  
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