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Applications:   Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Payroll; Sales Order; General Ledger; Personnel; Attonomics;
                MRP; Bill of Materials; Data Dictionary; Shop Floor Control;  Purchasing; Insurance Claims;
                Inventory Control; Master Scheduling; Loan Pricing; Customer Relationship Management;
                Data Set Optimizer;  Bank Officer Planning;  Policy Control; Supply Chain Management; Exanomics;
                Individual Educations Plans; Educational Achievement Tracking

Professional:  15 papers dealing with data structures and storage, encryption, and programmer measurement
              Member for 20 years, IEEE Committee on Software Engineering
              Referee, National Computer Conferences
              APICS certification
 Invited speaker SugarCon 2011: Citizen Rights Management


10/02 to present CIO I-MAG STS Corporation Menlo Park, California

Our DEEDS ABIDE suite is composed of 30 major applications totaling  over 7,000 Windows forms and Active Server
pages. Current application development typically makes use of clouds (Azure), Silverlight, SQL Server, the instrumentation
API, and biometric validation to provide attonomic data collection, and to support highly complex exanomic modeling.   

Portions of this suite whave been featured twice in Intel publications; won Microsoft’s Windows 2003 Server contest, and was
second runner-up in the 2009 Business Intelligence contest. The platforms range from handhelds for mobile social workers and
police through tablets for doctors to XP,7 and Vista desktops to county and state-level servers as well as clusters and now
clouds. There are also specialized applications for epidemiological analysis, embedding Individual Education Plans, and first
responder support. All application development is now being done in Visual and Visual C++ using Visual Studio
2010, SQL Server and the 4.0 framework with support for retrofits of existing VB6 installations.  We continue to make
extensive use of text to speech and speech to text functionality and wireless network technologies. All applications support
multiple human languages and are Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA-compliant. Previous work also included AXP (=LINUX for
routers) bolt-ons to Cisco’s IOS in Java.\Chronology.html has hundreds of sets of webpages from various
Education:   University of Chicago BA, MBA Business 1973
           Century University MS, PhD Computer Science 1994, 1998