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2000 Mendocino Drive
Bay Point, California 94565
peterfzoll@yahoo.com   [preferred contact]           (925) 262 – 3858 (cell)
Hardware:   Windows and LINUX desktops, netbooks, Smartphones, MeeGo tablets; IBM Mainframes

Languages:  Visual Basic (6 and .net), COBOL, Visual C++/C#, 370 Assembler, FoxPro 9, Java, MASM

Environments:  Windows 7, Vista and  XP, Windows Server 2007, Windows/CE, Palm/OS, MeeGo;   
                   z/OS (also known as OS/390 and MVS);  JCL and internals, IMS/DC, CICS, TSO/ISPF

Databases:   SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Informix, Access, MySQL, SQLite, IMS/DB

Software:   Compuware Performance products, Crystal Reports, Rational,  Visual Test, RoboHelp, Excel, Front Page, Word,
            Access,  Powerpoint, Project, Publisher

Experience:  40 years and counting as a programmer;  21 years as a Database Administrator; 19 years as a team leader /
              manager. At the recent Intel Developers’ Forum in San Francisco I produced 11,407 lines of cleanly compiled
              and tested dot net code in 23 hours. Without coffee or drugs. Screenshots of the Windows forms produced can
              be seen at http://www.imagsts.com\\Gazelle.htm.
Expertise:   Tuning and debugging of database applications;  Data Compression and Encryption;  Data Modeling using Rational
              Rose; Supervising applications and systems programming teams; Non-linear optimization and advanced statistics;
              Salvaging nearly hopeless projects

Current technical interests:  Parallel programming to optimize multi-core system performance using solid-state drives,        
GPUs and clouds in both Windows and LINUX; advanced statistical treatment of seismic events