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26. In a study of Burkina Faso and its role in West Africa done for American diplomats we analyzed the impact of various maglev
routes connecting both the coastal cities as far south as Porto Novo (capital of Benin) to Casablanca in Morocco as well as linking to
landlocked countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and even Chad.

27. As specifically requested, we provided forecasts for Iran based on projects starting during significant astronomical conjunctions
(when bright stars or planets appear to be close to another bright object). The material was provided to Iranian President Ahmadinejad’
s staff during his visit to Columbia University. We mentioned looming problems with currency rate and inflation; the consequences of a
shortage of doctors, nurses and hospitals; the need for bio-fuel in private autos, especially in urban areas; how infrastructure
improvements can alleviate poverty and dramatically increase employment; and the unfortunate economics of nuclear weapons

28. We concluded that it is in America’s long-term financial interest to strengthen trade with Africa both to improve the United States’
economy and to limit Chinese inroads. Collateral work done on the prospects of a maglev paralleling the Equator has disclosed a
number of very interesting consequences for Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and several other
countries. We are particularly concerned about the proximity of Mount Nyiragongo, the world’s most active volcano, to the vast
amounts of methane trapped in Lake Kivu. We anticipate that another significant lake overturn will kill two to four million people
outright and threaten the lives of another 6 million.

29. After the May 12, 2008 7.9 earthquake in central China our software determined that there were two distinct families of seismic
aftershock events. In particular, the events concentrated east of the original epicenter were increasing in strength. Our geologist
predicted a 6.0 maximum on the following Sunday morning. This meant that Chinese first responders did not need to be re-routed east
to deal with a new mega-quake, but could focus on rescue and repair efforts around the earlier event location.
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