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22. In a document titled Milk and Honey 2011 we give five year projections by country for the core nations of southwestern Asia plus
Egypt. Scenarios include nuclear war, AIDS and international construction of magnetically levitated trains with accompanying
hypermodern super-urban areas.

23. Colombia – we are optimistic that violence will continue to decline and that Colombia will develop a significant Pacific port,
preferably with a maintainable link to the Caribbean as an alternative to the Panama Canal [note that we are aware this would not be
helpful to Panama]. Economic cooperation with Venezuela seems out of reach at this time. We would not be surprised to see the
Panama Canal upgrade cancelled or scaled back due to insufficient traffic.  

24. As an extension to the work on a Colombia-Caribbean connection, the prospects for a northern extension were analyzed. The costs-
far outweigh the benefits for the Central American countries with the exception of Mexico. There, an augmented triangle (roughly
following the Pacific and Atlantic coasts as well as the northern border with a cargo route from the new Pacific inter-modal port
to a rail connection in Texas) is very positive for Mexico. A joint US-Mexico venture to run a maglev from the new port in northern
Baja along the border would reduce immigration, increase employment and reduce poverty in Imperial County California, counties in
southern Arizona and southern New Mexico and several states in northern Mexico. In particular, the medical and educational
infrastructure on both sides of the border bears a dismal resemblance to El Salvador, Sierra Leone and Laos.

25. A novel approach to earthquake data prompted us to predict that Indonesia will experience an 8.5 or greater event with tsunamis
centered in the Pagai Islands west of Sumatra.
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