The Ogasaware Islands,
sometimes known as the
Bonin Islands, are about
1000 kilometers south of
Tokyo. The total area of the
thirty islands is 73 square
kilometers (28 sq mi), with
a population of 2000 on
Chichijima and 440 on
Hahajima.  As far as we can
determine, the first colony
was founded by an
American, Nathaniel
Savory, on Chichijima in
1830. During World War II
George H. W. Bush's plane
crashed near that island.
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On  December 21, 2010 there was a 7.4 earthquake with an epicenter at 26.866 N and
143.737 E (about 155 kilometers east of the main islands). No injuries, no buildings
damaged; no tsunami, but there were twenty-two Richter 5.0+ aftershocks within six hours
of the quake, and another 57 aftershocks with the week.  Curiously, there had been a 6.8 at
28.365°N, 139.152°E on November 30.