How could an admiral import
rescue teams, medical
professionals, food, water and fuel?
Note that there are two sets of
requirements: one for the  
admiral's command and one for the
general population. Fuel has to
provide both propulsion for air, sea
and land vehicles as well as energy
for light and power.
It is of some interest to note that
one way to construct a high-speed
magnetically levitated ("maglev")
rail system is to elevate the tracks
above existing roads in hopes of
lessening tsunami damage.
The purple lines were a proposed primary network in support of moving
United Nations headquarters to the Golan Heights. The green supplement was
originally intended to be an economic stimulant for the Gaza Strip much like
the red supplement was to provide links to Syria and Jordan and jobs for the
West Bank. Maglevs would allow rapid deployment of specialized rescue teams
as well as safe evacuation of injured civilians were local Israeli hospitals
overwhelmed. Besides providing inexpensive access to Jerusalem and other
spiritual centers for pilgrims under, we also analyzed the consequences of
using high-speed rail in place of an airlift.