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Papua New Guinea at 6:49 pm local - the underlying earthquake was 7.7; 2200 killed; 50 foot waves
Moro Gulf, The Phillipines at 16:10 UTC - 8000 killed. Epicenter very close to the March 6, 2002 event
US Virgin Islands - between St. Croix and St. Thomas; 7.5 underlying earthquake
Prince William Sound Alaska, USA at 5:36 PM Local time. The Good Friday earthquake was 9.2
Chile at 19:11 GMT. The underlying earthquake was 9.5
Lituya Bay, Alaska. The underlying cause was a huge rockslide triggered by a 7.9 earthquake. Not the first
here - 10/27/1936; 1899; 1874 and 1853-4. The 1958 event featured a 1720 foot run-up
South of Unimak Island, Alaska The underlying earthquake was 7.3
Puerto Rico Mona Rift at 10:14 AM local ; 7.5 earthquake; 120 killed; indications of a larger earlier event
The fourth and greatest explosion of Krakatoa was at 10:02 AM and the waves were often over 100 feet
Lisbon, Portugal  at 9:40 AM local - The deadly All Saints earthquake and tsunamis
Cascadia subduction zone; 9 PM; probably a 9.0 earthquake; evidence for 13 events in the last 8000 years
Puget Sound, Washington, USA; probably a 7.5 earthquake;  between the years  900 to 930
5/10/2807 BC
Burckle bolide crater impact 930 miles southeast of Madagascar; possibly 150 meter waves
Tsunamis can be caused by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, rockslides and nuclear explosions. The plan is to convert these
entries to linked pages containing referenced to published material and correspondence from geologists who have studied
the events. We regret to report that tsunami data is a lot less uniformly described than current earthquake data. However,
there is nothing to be gained from delaying